Chris Ereneta

Designer and creative generalist. I love tackling complex problems with smart teams who work to make the hard stuff look easy. For me that includes being a parent.

Recent Projects


A new iPad video player app for Flummox and Friends. Designed by me, engineered by the excellent Karbon. Read more about it >

The Man Who Viewed Too Much

Mike D’Angelo has maintained his film criticism website with weekly updates since 1995. Last year I did a redesign, revising the structure and introducing a responsive layout for reading on the go. Read more >

Watch With the Kids

I designed and currently edit a site recommending films for family movie nights. It’s not a blog, or a tumblr, or a pinterest board. It’s a multi-page single-serving site. Read more >

You Should Check Out

My Autism and Me

A 15-minute BBC documentary from 2011, starring 13-year-old Rosie. Charming, illustrative, and embracing of autism as a way of being in the world. “Although it can be a problem,” says Rosie, “I wouldn’t swap my autism for anything.”

Love Song for Baby X

Poet Cheryl Dumesnil’s memoir chronicles four conceptions, three miscarriages, and her briefly legal wedding to wife Tracie in San Francisco’s City Hall. File under: infertility, neuroses, marriage equality.