Works of an occasional humorist. Stars indicate top hits.


Shorts designed for laughs.

Alcohol Yelling about drinking. May 08 1:42

★ Blaming America First In which I place responsibility elsewhere. Jun 06 0:52

Box Lunch Yelling about midday catering. Apr 08 1:17

Comedian (Mirror IX) In which the boy practices some comedy fundamentals. Dec 07 1:59

Coming Attractions: VP In which our hero finds herself in a pickle. Jul 05 0:20

Daddy's Little Helper At two weeks old, the boy's first mashup. Jun 05 0:32

Dent Numa Numa In which three boys play with Photo Booth. Nov 07 1:06

Dessert Yelling about sweets. Apr 08 1:11

Flavor In which a lemon isn't a lemon. Apr 06 2:00

★ Green Bell Pepper Yelling about a vegetable. Apr 08 1:39

Just Plain Big: Minnesota State Fair 1988 Comedic featurette. Aug 07 12:51

A Man Sneezing In which a man sneezes. Repeatedly. Sep 05 2:01

Prevention In which a warning arrives in the mail. May 06 0:39

Quaint People from Other Lands Vintage travelogue parody. Nov 05 2:12

★ Railroad Baron Assessing the value of a toddler empire. Mar 06 1:11

Salad Yelling about cold mixed dishes. Apr 08 1:45

Sandwiches Yelling about stuff on bread. Apr 08 1:57

Science Vs. Nature #19 In which Science and Nature receive unexpected help in resolving their dispute. Aug 05 0:40

Stack In which the boy works with prop humor. Mar 08 0:38

Vlog In which I protest a portmanteau. Jun 06 2:05

A Woman I Don't Even Know In which I ask two favors of a friend's new girlfriend. May 06 3:18