We were introduced to the term hyperlexia when the boy received his autism diagnosis at the age of three. It explained a lot of things. Stars indicate top hits.


Videos highlighting the boy's relationship with reading.

Triumph Child Restraint In which the boy brushes up on the safety features of his rig. Oct 05 1:31

Story Time #1: Caps for Sale In which the boy plays at reading a story. Oct 05 1:53

Too Early In which the boy is awake. Nov 05 3:45

★ Run In which the boy runs around. And around. Dec 05 3:11

Story Time #2: A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again In which the boy digs into David Foster Wallace. Jan 06 3:27

Hike II In which the boy treks through a backyard bamboo grove. May 06 1:40

★ No Time for Easter In which the boy avoids the egg hunt. Apr 06 2:16

★ The Walk Home In which the boy hitches a ride, and recites a few rhymes. Apr 06 1:57

★ Story Time #3: How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? In which the cutest footage of the boy ever captured steps over the intellectual property line. Jun 06 2:28

Swing In which the boy recites a tale while on a playground swing. Jul 06 0:37

Story Time #3.5: Oh, The Thinks You Can Think In which the boy reads on the kitchen floor. Nov 07 1:01

Story Time #4: Dreams In which the boy performs a recitation in motion. Aug 06 0:41

Story Time #4.5: Big Time Olie In which the boy reads a book via videochat. Dec 07 1:04

Story Time #5: Oh Say Can You Say? In which the boy twists his tongue in the bathtub. Feb 07 1:00

Story Time #6: Chrysanthemum In which the boy reads happily to himself. Feb 07 1:18

Story Time #7: Dr. Seuss' ABC In which the boy reads his favorite book. Feb 07 1:10

Story Time #8: Trashy Town In which the boy recites a story while circling the room. Mar 07 0:53

Story Time #9: In the Night Kitchen In which the boy tells a bathtime story. Apr 07 1:26

Story Time #10: Hyperlexia In which labels are applied. Apr 07 4:16

Story Time #11: Apt. 3 In which the boy breezes by. Dec 07 0:17

Story Time #12: The Mitten In which the boy upgrades from a board book. Dec 07 0:53

Story Time #13: Time of Wonder In which the boy hands out line readings. Dec 07 1:24

★ Story Time #14: Owl Moon In which the boy takes a walk and tells a story. Jan 08 7:55

The Gingerbread Man In which a book becomes a plaything. Nov 07 1:46

The Gingerbread Man II (Mirror VIII) In which the boy reads into the mirror. Nov 07 2:03

Recitation In which the boy recites a poem. Jun 08 0:27

Story Time #15: A New Hope In which the boy brings a friend up to speed. Jul 10 0:42

A Christmas Recitation In which the boy reminds himself what Christmas is all about. Dec 11 1:16